On-premise data capture agent

CaptureIQ agents can be deployed on-premise, capturing detailed data from machines and other local sources

Connect your Machines

Fetch detailed data from your machines via MTConnect, OPC-UA, MQTT, AMQP etc

On-premise to Cloud

Pull key data from your on-premise platforms via REST/SOAP APIs, SQL, Local File storage etc

Cloud Managed

CaptureIQ is centrally managed from our cloud, giving you complete, centralised control of your data

Deployable Anywhere

With a small form factor, and connectivity via Ethernet and Wifi, you can deploy CaptureIQ wherever you need

Show KPIs

Collect data from your existing systems and machines. Display it live. Anywhere.

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Our solutions using this technology

Show KPIs

Fetch data from your ERP, MES, machines, IoT devices, or any other on-premise or cloud platforms

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Capture & Visualise OEE

Understand your most significant downtime causes and track productivity improvements over time.

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Centralise Data

Gain visibility of your entire operations like never before and make real-time data-driven decisions

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On-premise to Cloud

Pull key data from your on-premise platforms and push to our cloud for centralised visualisation


Leading manufacturers use DataFlowIQ

TopHat was founded to deliver beautiful homes, sustainably. We use advanced manufacturing and the latest technology to deliver ultra-low carbon homes, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.


Our solutions integrate with all major systems

Centralise your data today.

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