Track Energy Consumption

Track Energy Consumption with Advanced MES Solutions

Optimise your energy management with PowerIQ IoT devices. These tools offer real-time and historical data on energy consumption, making installation simple and monitoring comprehensive.

Simple, quick installation

Single and 3-phase monitoring of current, voltage and power. Connected via ethernet or wifi.

Alert maintenance

Configurable alerts to let your maintenance teams know about changes in usage or grid voltage spikes

Historical trending

Access your historical data to track consumption and usage over time

Track OEE

Our PowerIQ devices can also help track machine OEE automatically, helping you plan production better

Track OEE

PowerIQ Devices for Automated OEE and Enhanced Energy Tracking in Production Planning

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Our technology used in this solution


IoT sensors measure current, voltage and power over 1-3 phases, securely transmitting to our Digital Backbone

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Web based solution suitable for PCs, Tablets and Mobiles, giving you access to your data, everywhere

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Our built in managed database is the perfect place to connect your Business Intelligence tools

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Deploy our simple DisplayIQ device to any TV and manage the live data it displays through our platform

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