Break Silos.
Gain Visibility.
In Real-Time.

The next generation of integration platform for your business.
Connects all of your platforms: Cloud, On-Premise and IoT.
Provides centralised Database and Live Wallboards.

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Live Wallboards

Display KPIs from multiple systems on real-time screens anywhere, any time

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Less Code

Collect data from almost any system through Rest APIs, SOAP APIs, OData, SFTP, Email, AMQP, MQTT, OPC and more

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Connect systems to automate data flows, reduce manual intervention, improve processes and reduce errors

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User Friendly

Our platform is designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business

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Secure Pipelines

Our iPaaS platform uses SSL encryption and regular updates to keep your data safe and secure

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Centralised Database

The built-in centralised database is the perfect place to integrate Business Intelligence tools

Connect your systems and services

With a wide range of connectivity options including OData, REST, SOAP, Excel/CSV via Email/SFTP, HTTPS scraping, MQTT, AMQP, OPC and SQL, you can integrate from and to all of your systems, new and old

Centralise your data for Business Intelligence

With our integrated database, you can collate all of your business data into a single managed database allowing you to easily connect Business Intelligence platforms or integrate AI/ML tools to gain insights and inform decisions

Live-view Wall Boards for all operations

Built-in live wall boards allow you to display your data, from multiple sources, on screens within your factory, call-centre, sales floor, NOC or any KPI driven team environment

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