Drive manufacturing digital transformation with our digital backbone

The forefront of manufacturing digital transformation – a next generation of integration platform for your business. Connects all of your platforms, Cloud, On-Premise and IoT. Provides centralised Database and Live Wallboards.

Features to power your business growth

Our next-generation integration platform is designed to facilitate your manufacturing digital transformation, connecting Cloud, On-Premise, and IoT with a central Database and Live Wallboards.

Centralised Database

A crucial part of our MES (Manufacturing Execution System), enabling easy integration with Business Intelligence tools.


Our iPaaS platform uses SSL encryption and regular updates to keep your data safe and secure.

Data Flows

Connect systems to automate data flows, reduce manual intervention, improve processes and reduce errors.

Screen Management

With playlists and screen-management built-in, its easy to control where information is displayed


Leading manufacturers use DataFlowIQ

TopHat was founded to deliver beautiful homes, sustainably. We use advanced manufacturing and the latest technology to deliver ultra-low carbon homes, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

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Our solutions integrate with all major systems


Complete production visibility in one place

Our leadership in manufacturing digital transformation has guided technology roadmaps and strategies, propelling large manufacturing companies from £20 million to £800 million turnovers by integrating and streamlining their processes.


A true next generation integration platform for manufacturers

Driven to provide the next generation integration platform, designed to help manufacturers connect your systems, centralise your data and visualise it in real-time. Enhancing efficiency with the support of MES System insights.

Transform your production today.

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