Capture & Visualise OEE

Automated capture of machine OEE

Track machine usage and cycle time using power monitors. Pareto downtime reasons to improve productivity.

Automatically track machines

See exact machine usage with PowerIQ sensors. Capture downtime reasons through simple touch interface.

Pareto downtime reasons

Understand your most significant downtime causes and track productivity improvements over time.

Real-time KPIs

Act on issues as they happen by seeing them in real time, wherever you are

Screen Management

With playlists and screen-management built-in, its easy to control where information is displayed

Track Manual Processes

Our Digital Backbone connects your production team with your ERP, streamlining production and visibility

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Our technology used in this solution


IoT sensors meaure current, voltage and power, securely transmitting to our Digital Backbone

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Web based solution suitable for PCs, Tablets and Mobiles, giving you access to your data, everywhere

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Deploy our simple DisplayIQ device to any TV and manage the live data it displays through our platform

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CaptureIQ agents can be deployed on-premise, capturing detailed data from machines or other local sources

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Leading manufacturers use DataFlowIQ

TopHat was founded to deliver beautiful homes, sustainably. We use advanced manufacturing and the latest technology to deliver ultra-low carbon homes, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.


Our solutions integrate with all major systems

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