Enhancing Production Efficiency with Live Map View

Building on the success of the existing MES Implementation provided by DataFlowIQ Ltd, ilke Homes Ltd, a Yorkshire-based modular housing company, continued to seek improvements to their manufacturing process. Specialising in producing high-quality, energy efficient homes for various tenures, ilke Homes aimed to enhance production efficiency and decision-making capabilities by introducing a Live Map View to their existing MES system.

Key features of the solution

To fulfil these requirements, DataFlowIQ Ltd devised a comprehensive solution that integrated seamlessly with ilke Homes’ existing MES system.

Direct ERP Connection

The system maintained a direct connection to ilke Homes’ ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring accurate and up-to-date reporting of metrics.

Background Calculation

Effective Production and OEE metrics were calculated in the background and cached for instant load times, providing supervisors with real-time insights without delays.

Auto Page Refresh

For wallboard screens placed around the factory, the system was designed with auto page refresh functionality, keeping
the displayed data current and relevant.

Online & Offline Machines

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Incredible benefits to OEE

Instant Visibility and Focus

Supervisors gained instant visibility of the factory layout and performance metrics, allowing them to focus their attention on critical areas requiring improvement.

Removed Manual Tracking

The solution removed the need to manually verify where production orders were in the factory, saving at least 10 hours per week in admin time and giving a live updated view.

Low IT Maintenance

The system’s seamless integration and automated features significantly reduced IT maintenance tasks, freeing up resources for other strategic initiatives.

Time Savings through Intuitive Interface

The user-friendly interface and click-through functionality saved significant time, allowing supervisors to access detailed station data effortlessly.


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Enhancing Production Efficiency with Live Map View